In this section we will solve difficult math problems with answers.  You can work out the problems similiar to this and also check whether you are correct. The solutions to the problems are detailed and step by step. 

Difficult Math Problems With Answers

Difficult math problems with answers help you to solve difficult math problems. We have solved problems and given detailed and step by step solutions to your problems.
Following are few examples of solved problems.
Example 1: -
The average age of ten members in a family  same as it was 4 years ago, because an old member has been replaced by a young member. Find how much younger is the new member?
Solution: -
Let the sum of the ages of nine member (total)  be x
and the age of oldest member be z
so its average 4 yrs before = (x + z)/10.
After 4 years
let z be replaced by y.
Now each person’s age is increased by 4.  So the new sum of ages of the nine members
= x + 4 x 10
= x  + 40
 So the new average age = (x + 40 + y )/10
Given that
now (x + z)/10=(x + 40 + y)/10
Multiplying by 10, we get (x + z) = x + 40 + y
Canceling x on both sides, we get
z = y + 40.
So the older member is 40 years older than younger

Example 2 : -
A computer can do "a" calculations in "b" seconds. Suppose we have to do c calculations.  How many minutes will the computer take to complete the calculations?
Solution: -
Given that the computer can do "a" in "b" seconds .  So in a second, it can do  a/b calculations
In a minute, it can do 60a/b calculations
So a calculation require b/60a minutes
Given that it has to do c calculations
So for c calculations, the computer  will take cb/60a minutes